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Rainey Resources is a viable, vital, and valuable vein in the Body of Christ. The ministry of Elder Jeffrey T. Rainey has been a quality ministry but a quiet ministry. It is a ministry expecting exposure, expansion, and explosion.

Elder Rainey entered the Gospel Ministry August 16, 1981 and has since experienced a growing ministry. His gift to dissect the Scriptures and deliver the sermons has demanded his service across the nation. He presently serves as the Bible Expositor for the National Primitive Baptist Convention USA Incorporated.

Rainey Resources mission is to be a means and a medium for the message of the Master that will minister to the masses. Our products will be professionally prepared and presented. We want our resources to be a source for your sermons, your seminars, and your studies.

May our literature lift your life and labor in the Lord.

 Elder Jeffrey T. Rainey, 
President & Founder


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